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Map of Medicine supports the optimisation of care by providing access to comprehensive, evidence-based guidance, and clinical decision support at the point of care.

Map of Medicine care pathways offer the opportunity to improve the way commissioning of health care is planned and delivered locally. Listen to what some of our customers say about using the Map of Medicine.

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Establishing new services

Understanding the entire care journey is essential for commissioners to ensure that new services fit seamlessly within existing structures of care. The Map enables efficient and effective development of new services based on best practice and the needs of local communities.

"The Map is already working and getting clinicians to focus on complete pathways of care across all providers on the Wirral. The Map Pathways bring enormous benefit to patients in terms of commissioning and updating services."

Dr Shyamal Mukherjee MBE Medical Director, Wirral NHS Trust

Managing referrals

Map Referrals is a solution to help manage referrals across a CCG. It optimises the existing care pathways by linking the clinical and administrative sides of healthcare referrals, allowing clinicians to access referral guidance, evidence-based care pathways, and pre-populated referral forms in just a few clicks.

Map of Medicine has worked with those on the front line of delivering and managing care to develop a tool that enables care to be delivered in the right setting, first time.

  • Map Referrals helps GPs to deliver high quality care efficiently
  • Commissioners can standardise referrals to meet local needs and satisfy targets

"We wanted to make sure GPs were referring the right way and to the right people, while taking advantage of local clinics and services."

Scott Carruthers Sarum Group CCG lead

Communicating across care settings

Understanding the care that has been delivered in different settings is fundamental to ensuring that individual patients have a positive experience along their entire care journey. The Map enables cross-service communication by being accessible to all stakeholders, effectively integrating care without having to integrate care organisations.

"Engaging with clinicians and producing the Western Cheshire Alcohol Care Pathway using the Map of Medicine has led to better communication across our health community and with partner organisations. It is a great step towards improving the consistency and quality of our service."

Dr Philip Milner GP and member of the Clinical Executive Committee for NHS Western Cheshire



Whether utilising the Map of Medicine as a knowledge resource or embarking on a transformation exercise, we offer a range of solutions to support your healthcare service:

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Map of Medicine and the British Pain Society have Chronic Pain pathways covered

30 Jan 2014 UK

With considerable variation in pain pathways available for GPs and patients, the Map of Medicine and the British Pain Society (BPS) recognised the need to develop easy-to-use, succinct pathways for clinicians.